Ripple Bowen will be closed from Sunday 21st April and reopening on Monday 6th May, as Steve will be on annual leave.

You can contact him by phone/text from Tuesday 30th April for bookings the following week.

We wish you and your family a safe and happy Easter. See you when we return in May.
Your local Bowtech Bowen Therapist in Busselton
Bowtech Bowen Therapy, is an incredibly gentle and relaxing therapy where specific moves are performed to stimulate the body to realign and heal itself.

It is a full body, remedial technique that works on the soft connective tissues in your body, and is brilliant for muscle and joint pain and has the ability to significantly improve recovery from injury. It can also provide relief from other seemingly unassociated ailments.

Bowen Therapy is very safe and gentle for people of all ages from Babies to the Elderly, and even pregnant mums-to-be.

To see a list of ailments that may be helped with Bowtech Bowen Therapy, please click here.

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If you are holidaying here in Busselton, Ripple Bowen welcomes you to experience our gentle Bowen Therapy sessions too.

Please phone for an appointment.
Bowen Therapist performs Bowtech shoulder movemenr
Child waits for Bowtech Bowen Treatment
Pregnant Woman has Bowen Therapy treatment
What our Clients say...
Wondering if Bowen is for you? See what our Clients have to say about how it helped them.  
Ripple Bowen is the only Therapy that help me gain my mobility back and reduced my inflammation and pain majorly to the point that now I don't have any issues anymore. When I came to see Steve it has been already 7 years of trying to go to physio, yoga, Pilates etc without any improvement and therapists saying there is nothing really to do just ease the pain.
After Bowen therapy I felt the change and kept going until I didn't need to anymore and was absolutely amazed. I can't thank you enough Steve you literally saved me
Now if I have any other pain or injury (hopefully I won't) I know where to go.

I spend most of my days at a desk, and it is so bad for my posture and my poor body. Steve helps to release and correct my body and it has amazing results.
It's so gentle and relaxing, that on more than one occasion, I have had a slight nap during the session! I highly recommend Ripple Bowen. Thanks Steve!
- Rachel
Relaxing, accommodating, and goes above and beyond to ensure you leave feeling better than when you walked in! Steve helped me manage and relieve my sciatic pain! Thank you, Steve!

- Jessica
A relaxed, gentle and healing experience. I was apprehensive to start another alternative therapy for my chronic migraines as I’ve tried several with no real improvements. In just 3 weeks I can say I have seen a dramatic change to my very predictable migraine pattern. Bowen Therapy with Steve is gentle, relaxing and calming and I have felt a great deal of improvement in such a short period. I’m excited to see further development in the coming weeks. I highly recommend Steve at Ripple Bowen. 

- Claire
I saw Steve for a number of weeks whilst recovering from illness and resulting injury. He is an incredibly empathetic, intuitive and intelligent person and practitioner. This came through strongly in sessions, leading to a very comfortable and effective experience. Steve is also an obviously keen and skilled researcher, the importance of which cannot be underestimated. The Bowen therapy certainly helped, relieving pain and assisting my body in healing itself. Moreover, it was incredibly gentle and non-invasive - exactly what I needed after such physical strain - but it still produced noticeable results. Steve - thank you wholeheartedly for what you do. It helped immensely.

- Hannah
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